Frequently asked questions:


What is Operation Full Pantry ?

OPERATION FULL PANTRY is a Volunteer community based FOOD DRIVE put together to help our local men, women, and children in need. With the Help of our Local Houma Businesses and loving members of our community we have created something beautiful !!!


When is Operation Full Pantry ?

Operation Full Pantry will be held on Saturday

December 15th, 2018


What Time is Operation Full Pantry on Saturday December 15th 2018 ?

9:00am – 3:00pm


Where can we drop off our Donations ?

Operation Full Pantry has MANY places for you to drop off your donations!!! Our great businesses in HOUMA have gotten involved to help Operation Full Pantry take in those donations!!! In return … Those Businesses involved have special promotions planned for everyone that chooses to drop off at their business as a Thanks for all your Generosity…

List of Participants: click here


Where can we drop off donations if we DON’T want to drop off at any of the participating business ?

Operation Full Pantry will have BOX TRUCKS, TRAILERS, and TENTS set up At Town & country Real Estate with our Beautiful Volunteers waiting to help you unload your donations and pass out Hugs.


Where can we drop off donations if we will be out of town Saturday December 15th 2018 ….

Houma’s Town & Country Real Estate

5958 W Main St.

Houma, LA 70360


will be taking all EARLY donations from those of you who wont be around on Saturday December 15th.


Where do our donations go ?

Each year our board of directors for Operation Full Pantry gets together to meet and research to find the perfect organizations that we feel need the most help in our community. 2018 beneficiaries will be announced soon.

We get letters, emails, and calls all year from organizations telling us their needs and asking us for help! Where it gets tough is not only choosing but finding out how many people in our community are in so much need.

Our goal is to help as many men, women, and children that are in our community as we can!!!!!



What items do we donate ?

Operation Full Pantry has what we call our “Grocery List”

Each organization we are giving to for the year turns in a list of the items they need most.

We then join all those list together to come up with a “Grocery List”

Our “Grocery List” can be found here.


Are there any other items needed besides food that can be donated ?

YES !!!!!!!!!!

List :

“NEW“ Car Seats ( Sorry we can NOT take used car seats )

Air Mattresses




Tooth Brushes

School Supplies


Socks ( All Ages )



(All non food items donated MUST BE NEW…Sorry we can not take in gently used items)


Do our donations stay in our community ?

YES !!!!

Part of what makes Operation Full Pantry special is that it is a grassroots effort with genuine community support. Our goal is to help local families and children in need, but in doing so, our community grows stronger by coming together around a great cause. 2018 beneficiaries will be announced soon.


What can we do to help ?

The biggest thing everyone can do to help is help us get the word out!!!!

All your support so far has been amazing and we couldn’t be more thankful !! The more people that know about Operation Full Pantry the more people we can HELP !!!

From Sharing our post and pictures on Facebook, to Inviting your friends to “Like” our page, to even as simple as word of mouth is the BIGGEST HELP anyone can give us !!!


Can Individuals receive food from Operation Full Pantry ?

Unfortunately not …. The Organizations we choose to give the donations to every year are already set up to help the ones in need. If your family is in need or you know of a family or individual in need of help please contact one of these organizations to see about how to get into one of their programs for assistance.


What is a “Giving=Hope” Bag ?

We wanted to come up with an easy way for people to be able to donate for the ones that couldn’t make it on the day of the event. In choosing a grocery store we wanted to partner with, we chose to stay local. Knowing that Cannata’s was always a big community supporter we made some phone calls to set up a meeting. After a few meetings of the minds between our board members and Cannata’s owner Vince Cannata and his staff, our “Giving = Hope” Bags were created! The idea was to put $10 dollars worth of items all together in one bag that made it easy for people to grab, donate, and drop off on their way out the store. .

While shopping through the aisles of Cannata’s selecting our non perishable items to go in our bags we we’re told by owner Vince to add extra food items to the bag as a gift from the store. As we stood there so thankful…he simply stated that it was his way of wanting to give back to our community members in need. . Inside the bag is $13 worth of non perishable food items that people can purchase for $10.

While shopping at Cannata’s customers can pick up a “Giving = Hope” Bag on their way to the register. After purchase it goes into our Operation Full Pantry drop off box that Cannata’s has set up for us in the store. On December 16th Cannata’s will deliver us all the bags that were purchased for Operation Full Pantry

We are extremely thankful for all the help that Cannata’s has given us through this journey of helping our community members. They are the true meaning of community support!


Do you accept Monetary Donations ?

YES !!!!! We will have a DONATE button on this website!


Is Operation Full Pantry a Nonprofit Organization?

YES !!!!

The importance of a community food drive ….

Everyday, families are forced to make the difficult decision between buying food and paying bills and rent. In these tough economic times it is more important than ever for our community to come together, and get involved to help the ones surrounding us that are less fortunate.

It is important to us that we take care of our own. As food Pantries struggle to meet an increasing demand in our community we feel the need to bring us all together to help! Fighting struggle and hunger for those that are close to us in our community is our goal!


Can my business have its own food drive and bring Operation Full Pantry the donated items ?

YES !!!!!!

Businesses all over Houma have gotten involved ! Whether it be collecting donations from only employees or getting with their customers and the public to have donations brought to them … we couldn’t be happier to see all the support!

Special Note : If your company has decided to get involved and collect donations for Operation Full Pantry please let us know about it !!! Its easiest to message us through our Facebook page.


Can I bring Expired food items to donate ?

NO !!!!

“Don’t wait till it’s too late … Check the Expiration Date”


Is Operation Full Pantry in need of anything for Saturday ?

Operation Full Pantry is in need of BOXES !!!

Rubbermaid boxes, Cardboard boxes, any type of boxes you can bring would be a BIG HELP !!!


How often does Operation Full Pantry have food drive ?

Only once a year … Always in December