Louis Children’s Crisis Center named as 2018 OFP Recipient

Operation Full Pantry is proud to announce our Second organization that we’d like to share with you will be ….

Louis Children’s Crisis Center

The Louis Children’s Crisis Center offers therapeutic shelter for abused and neglected children in Houma, Louisiana. It operates three neighborhood-based homes with twenty beds!

Sister Rosario, who began this program over 30 years ago, and who passed away in January 2016 said, “You really can save the world – you do it one child at a time.”

The philosophy of their program is to treat each child as a unique individual, to try to decipher all that makes them hurt and do everything in their power with their resources to make them feel safe and loved.

A Huge THANKS to everyone who have been donating, and all of you who will be there to donate on December 15th!
Our children of our community Need our Help!

For those of you looking to do a little something different other than donating food items. It’s Important that the kids get out for social fun ! ❤️

Operation Full Pantry will also be taking in :
Palace Theater Gift Cards
Arts and crafts
Tickets to sporting Events or Plays

CLICK HERE to visit their Facebook page for more info!